Last week we posted the, now uberviral, Dumb Ways To Die Video. Now Cinesaurus has just released their own parody of the song that is aimed at keeping people excited about the current missions to explore Mars.

With all the references in the song to things like Twinkies, NASA, Daleks and Facehuggers, this video is going to go viral just as fast as the original.

Video Description:
Why did we make this video?
Well, first off, we here at Cinesaurus really love Dumb Ways to Die. Second, we are huge fans of NASA and everything they are doing here on Earth, in Space and on Mars. We like to do anything we can to help support NASA and think you should too! Write to your Senator, call them, make sure they don’t cut any more of their budget.

Who is Cinesaurus?
We are a Seattle-based creative team who loves to tell stories and make an impact on the world. We believe in supporting education, science and exploration. Our other videos include “We’re NASA and We Know it” and “iPhone 5 A taller change than expected”, as well as the rest of the videos on this channel.
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“Cool Things to Find” Lyrics

Find Amelia Earhart’s fate
A golden cake without a sell-by date
See missing socks, of every size and shape.
Open a box with a lost Nixon tape.

Cool things to find, so many cool things to find
Cool things to find, so many cool things to find

Meet a friend that hugs your face
And a cat in a peculiar place.
Learn to love and find your mate
Avoid those who hate and exterminate!

Cool things to find, so many cool things to find
Cool things to find, so many cool things to find

Help a friend that seems a bit encumbered
Play a game with a long awaited number
Detect significant amounts of martian methane
Discover high levels of moisture in soil
Find microbial life beyond Earth for the first time
They may not rhyme but they’re quite possibly

(The) coolest things to find
Coolest things to find
Coolest things to find
So many Cool
So many Cool things to find