I don’t understand half the crap that people post on social media. It’s like there’s a whole generation of people out there who have no intention of running for public office in the future. Then again, maybe no one will think you are a candidate of the people if you don’t have at least one nude selfie floating around in the ether.

For Chris Burr Martin, a dad in his late forties, dealing with his daughter’s sexy selfies has gone from basic lesson to 4Chan worthy troll. It seems that every time she posts a stpiud sexily posed or scantily clad selfie, he’s right behind her, posting one of himself, dressed just like her and posing the same way. the funniest thing about it is that while his daughter has 30,000 Instagram followers, his shenanigans have garnered him just over 60,000. He’s instafamous.

Source: Bored Panda