Is there a better way to start the week than by talking about monkeys taking over Florida? That seems to be exactly what’s happening to one man’s property in the city of Ocala, where the infamous Silver Springs State park Macaques have taken a shine to the deer feeder in his back yard.

Thanks to the homeowner’s game camera, there is now proof that upwards of fifty 50 rhesus macaques are regularly invading his back yard and snacking on his deer treats. This highlights Florida’s growing Monkey Problem. In fact, Silver Springs State Park recently shut down two areas because of an increased monkey presence. One family was even chased away by a group of aggressive, teeth baring monkeys.

Over the last few days, the monkeys have pilfered around 250 lbs of food from the feeder.

According to estimates, researchers think there are 200 macaques living at the park, a number that is probably very low considering that 50 showed up to this feeder and at least one had a baby strapped to its belly. And, just to make things a little more fun, a bunch of these monkeys just happen to carry a deadly form of Herpes.

Source: WFTV