Melissa Erickson’s Disney princesses reimagined as superheroines. Accordung to Erickson, there are a couple missing (Kida, Pocahontas, Maid Marian, Eilonwy) because she lost her awesome mojo but she will get back creating them very soon.

Like most superheroes, they’d be worthless without super powers, so here are their powers according to Erickson:

Ariel = aquagirl
Belle = one of those archer/hunter heroes
Aurora = supergirl, came to earth in a clear cryo pod (GET IT) .. I also like that her name is spacey :’D
Jasmine = cat(tiger?)woman
Cinderalla = controls glass/ice/crystal/something
Mulan = reincarnated dragon powers or something
Snow White = she-hulkish, turned into zombie/vampire/?? by experimental cloned apple (added cloak since the rest of her outfit is so stiff! also she looked a bit chilly)
Tiana = poison ivy-ish