One of the things that people realized shortly after Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America was that he would be honored in several unique ways, not the least of which was being added to Disney World’s Hall of Presidents attraction. Since 1993, the ride has featured not just animatronic versions of all of the presidents, but speaking roles for George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and whomever was the current sitting President. For fans of the attraction who are not also fans of the current President, the idea of an animatronic Donald Trump talking to millions of children each year from the “Happiest Place On Earth” was less than ideal.

In a new interview with Motherboard, earlier this month, an anonymous source said that there has been such an uproar that Disney Imagineers are now seriously considering taking measures to ensure that Trump’s new animatronic does not speak at all.

“The Imagineers will likely revert the attraction to its pre-1993 format, where only George Washington and Abraham Lincoln recited lines, while keeping the more realistic, grounded tone of the current show.”

“Given how polarizing the president is right now, Disney Parks & Resorts is currently trying to find [a solution] that approaches middle ground,” said the source in an interview with Motherboard. “They want to include our 45th commander-in-chief in this 45-year-old theme park attraction, while at the same time, not seem to endorse or support some of Trump’s more controversial policies.”

“Given President Trump’s current problems,” continued the source, “Walt Disney World might elect to push the attraction’s opening date back to the fall and then make further tweaks to the show.”

… “Another contributing factor to Trump’s auditory exclusion is his own lack of participation and obstinance. Disney reportedly reached out to Trump starting in January, but there has been no compromising effort to get things moving.”

“That’s a part of this—just getting time with him [to record],” said the source. “I guess there’s also been some back-and-forth on his proposed script, which is something they’re hoping to use as a ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card. If he’s not available to record, they can use that as a legitimate excuse… that’s kind of what Disney’s hoping for.”

SOurce: Motherboard