This is madness! No, this is this geek. YouTuber dondula7 has done something no one has been really able to do. He has created an amazing “Back to the Future II” hover board replica that actually hovers… or at the very least look mighty sexy floating in mid air. Yeah, eat your heart out Mattel.

Dondula7’s hover board replica was inspired by a previous hoverboard design from Nils Guadagnin. The hoverboard “uses a two pairs of electromagnets to float the hoverboard in the air, and laser stabilization to keep it steady.” Although the board does not support the weight of a human, it is strong enough to float up to five pounds.

If a hobbyist was able to accomplish this, I can’t even begin to imagine what real companies could do if they actually put forth the effort and the research. 2015 isn’t that far off, and it’s slowly looking like science fiction is becoming science fact.

Source: Gizmodo