Although Buddy may not be leading anyone to save little Timmy who has fallen down a well, he’s a hero just the same.

Buddy, a German shepherd who lives in Caswell Lakes, Alaska with his human friend, a 23-year-old Ben Heinrichs and his family, is caught in this amazing raw footage from a state trooper’s dashcam leading rescue team to their burning workshop near their home:

Trooper Terrence Shanigan’s dashcam caught it all. A German shepherd takes off running down partially snow-covered roads, but keeps looking over his shoulder to make sure the car is keeping up.
Buddy sprints along for about a minute in a black-and-white landscape, the only things visible being what is illuminated by the police car’s lights. Finally, the dog takes one last turn. As Shanigan turns with the dog, his windshield lights up with a bright yellow ball of fire that used to be the Heinrichs’ workshed.

Even after Shanigan arrived and got out of his car, Buddy jumped up and made sure the trooper continued to the house. Buddy retreated into the woods for safety.

Shanigan was able to guide fire trucks to the scene, in time for firefighters to save the Heinrich’s home. The workshop, however, was a total loss.

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Source: msnbc