Jami McElrath had her camera stolen when a thief broken into her car. McElrath, an Oklahoma mother who is terminally ill, pleaded her heart-wrenching story to Dallas-area news station, appealing to the thief to return her camera. Which eventually and anonymously, he did.

“McElrath, who has inoperable cancer, was collecting photos to place in a scrapbook for her children so they could remember her after she was gone. The camera had belonged to her father, who died of a heart attack two years ago.

“I just want my camera back,” she told WFAA reporter Jim Douglas. “I just want those memories back.”

Then something remarkable happened. A few days after the story aired, Douglas got a call from a man who told him to look behind a red car in the station’s parking lot. The caller didn’t leave his name; he said only that he felt bad about the incident and wanted to return the camera.”

Source: Foxnews