One of the most interesting things to watch during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is the way that nature is reacting. Pollution is clearing up all over the world, the canals of Venice are crystal clear and dolphins have even been spotted swimming in them. It really is amazing. Then, there’s the other side of the animal kingdom. Gangs of monkeys are fighting in the streets of Thailand because there aren’t any tourists there to feed them anymore, and now the elephants are getting into mischief.

A farm in the Yunan province, one of the many that have been shut down as the country isolates itself to help clear up the virus, now knows what happens when elephants drink too much.

A herd of 14 elephants wandered into the farm in search of food and came across something even better, 30kg of whiskey. It turns out that elephants are lightweights. Two of the bulls even ended up passing out in a nearby tea garden. There are no reports of any major property damage as a result of the impromptu party. Let’s all be thankful that elephants aren’t angry drunks.

Source: Mirror