This is the most detailed LEGO batcave that we’ve ever seen. It was constructed by Carlyle Livingston II and Wayne Hussey. It took over 800 hours and 20,000 LEGOs. Check it out in all its glory.

Here’s the official description of how it was created:
Bat Cave made by Wayne Hussey and Carlyle Livingston out of LEGO.

Hi and welcome to my Flickr page! This Bat Cave was first displayed at Emerald City ComiCon in late March of 2012. It then made an appearance at Jet City Comic Show and then BrickCon 2012. After Wayne and I built it we took it to ECCC and then it sat quietly in my living room.

While at BrickCon 2012 my fellow SEALUG member, Andrew Becraft, extracted a promise that I would finally get off my butt and post these photos and videos. As soon as I did he posted on his website Shortly after that it went viral and now you are probably here because of that.

Some statistics:

We spent 400 hours each over three months building this. We started in Early January and finished in late March.

We estimate over 20,000 pieces but it’s probably much more.

It weighs in at 100 pounds.

The entire roof lifts off and then the rest splits into three sections for ease of transport. See this shot: in/set-7215762980

There are four LEGO Power Functions motors.

Everything currently works off of batteries but that may change.

Everything is LEGO except some of the lighting and two pieces related to the lighting.

Only one LEGO piece was harmed while creating this MOC. :-)

We have no idea how much it cost in LEGO and other materials.

If you want to see the mechanics working, be sure and see the videos in this set!

Thanks for stopping by,
Carlyle and Wayne

Source: Geekart