We’ve all seen custom nerd rides such as the ever popular Batmobile, Ecto-1, Kitt, the Back to the Future Delorean, but never have I seen this. Behold, the first ever real-life Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Turtle van!

23-year-old Brittney Schneck transformed her ’94 Dodge Caravan into a kick-ass real-life Turtles van. According to Schneck, she had started working on the van last July, paying for it from a part-time cashier job and working in her father’s auto-detailing business while also going to college.

“The Turtles played a huge role in my childhood,” Schneck said. “Growing up with all my male cousins, playing Ninja Turtles while my Uncle Harry (Uncle Shredder) chased us around doing an exact voice of The Shredder. He used to drive us all around in his Caravan, and when I see one, I just think of the Turtles and all the memories.”

A list of what Schneck has done so far:

-Two of three complete cleaning jobs
-New Anco wiper blades on front
-New steering wheel cover
-New spark plugs
-New air filters
-New Rain-X Lattitude wiper blade for back
-New licence plate light sockets
-New stock brake pedal (the old one was taped on!)
-Fixed clips on liftgate trim panel
-Restored headlights
-New front motor mount
-Complete removal of rust and repair on door bottoms, fenders, and rocker panels
-Three coats of truck bed liner underneath the van and on the rocker panels
-New head gasket
-New water pump
-New timing belt
-New fuel line bundle
-New passenger door dome light button
-Replacement hood prop clip
-New passenger side front parking light lens
-New Interstate battery
-New Polk db691 speakers x 2
-New Polk db521 speakers x 2
-New radiator
-New fuel pump
-New gas tank
-new sway bar bushings
-new front driver side axle
-new rear brake drums
-new compressor for the ac
-new right inner tie rod end
-new right outer tie rod end

Source: Cardomain