I’m not going to mention the guy’s name, nor am I going to show his picture. That said, the manner in which this guy came to an end is pretty much just as stupid as the way it began. If you hadn’t heard by now, there’s a guy who filmed himself murdering someone the other day on Facebook before going on to brag about allegedly killing 13 more people.

According to new reports, the asshat in question stopped by a McDonald’s drive thru to grab a 20-piece McNugget and a large fry. Recognizing him, the workers told him the fries would take a couple of minutes to come out of the oil and then they promptly called the cops.

The asshat still left before the cops arrived, but the time he spent waiting for those crispy golden potato sticks was all they needed to catch up to him. Shortly after, there pursued him in a high speed chase and then he killed himself because he is a big, douchey coward. Bah dah dah dah dah, I’m loving it!