I’m not going to lie. I harbor a serious dislike of Fall Out Boy. Leaving behind all the bs emo garbage, I can honestly say that their songs are a hate crime against music. I still can’t figure out how they got popular in the first place, but… hey, what are you gonna do, right? Some people just have bad taste. I’m also confused how the entire membership of the the band The Police hasn’t cornered them in a dark alley and beaten them senseless for turning their hit song Roxanne into a steaming crap sandwich. But I digress…

The latest thing that the Fall Out Boy bunch has done is bastardize one of the greatest classic games of all time, Oregon Trail. The viral campaign is designed to promote their new album and concert tour. The game is filled with “cute little changes” like buying mcnuggets instead of meat and buying vitamin water to help keep the band happy. As you move from venue to venue, you play a guitar hero style keyboard game to sell merch and decide who you party with. There’s also mini games where you evade zombies and have to fight Krang from the teenage mutant ninja turtles. I played the game for a while, but the only real joy I got was when the final band member got constipated and died of sadness. Want to check it out? Follow the link.

Fall Out Boy Trail

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