Jonathan Mann and his five year’s long girlfriend Ivory have been making music for a long time on Youtube. In fact, this new song is their 1435th. It is also sadly, their last as a couple. They are breaking up in real life because one of them wants children and the other one does not. However, they didn’t just want to leave their fans, so they wrote a song explaining the whole thing.

If it wasn’t so damned sad, it would be a really catchy tune.

Published on Dec 5, 2012
Yes, it’s true folks. Ivory and I are splitting up. It’s really sad. I’m really sad. I think you may have been able to tell in some recent songs. It’s going to be a hard road ahead for me, but I know that this is the right decision and that eventually we’ll both be happier in the end.

I just want to say, thanks for being out there, watching my stuff and commenting and sending me messages. Your support and love during this time of crisis in my life means so, so much.

We’ve Got To Break Up
Song A Day #1435

F Gm
I want to have kids
F Am
And I really don’t
F Gm C
I wish that she would someday
Dm C
But I really won’t F Bb
So we’ve got to break up
Dm C
It’s the only way
Cause I will resent her
And that’s not fair
We still care about each other
But this train has stopped
Dm C
We just needed you to know F
That we’ve got to break up

And breaking up’s a mess
So please be there for us
You don’t have to choose
Though it’ll be awkward, yes
Invite us to your parties
We will work it out
Don’t feel weird
We love all of you
After 5 whole years
By each other’s side
There are just somethings
No relationship can survive

I wanna have babies
I don’t wanna

I wanna have babies
I don’t wanna have babies
Couple of babies
I don’t want to have any
Couple of babies