Everyone has something special about them. Maybe they are a talented doctor and they can come up with a new vaccine. Perhaps they are an engineer who can finally crack the code on cold fusion. Or… just maybe, they can blow out candles with their farts.

If it’s the latter, then there’s a good chance that your name is Gerard Jessie of the Philippines. He just set the new world’s record for blowing out five candles with farts.

Personally, I’ve got a couple of problems with this. First, I am extremely disappointed that the farts did not ignite. Second, and probably most important, is that he blew them out one at a time. I would have expected that you’d have to blow all of them out at once. I’d say he really only blew out one candle, five times… but what do I know? I’m not exactly the world’s expert on farts… despite what my fiance might claim.

Source: Geekologie