Oh, I hope that people aren’t using lubricated condoms with this. Although…. Nonstick?

Condoms not only make sex more safe and make drenching people from the top of apartment buildings more fun, but apparently, they are the secret to great cooking. A cookbook author in Japan has just released their new book “Condom Dishes” on Amazon Japan for only $2.30. Why, that’s cheaper than a box of condoms!

The book features 11 recipes ranging from Condom Sushi, to condom escargot in butter and curry pilaf, condom cookies and condom fruit parfaits.

Thankfully, the book does have the ulterior motive of educating the Japanese marketplace on using condoms to prevent STDs. Despite being #1 in the creation of robots that will eventually enslave mankind, Japan is actually the third worst country in the world when it comes to condom usage.

If you’re looking for a cookbook that is much less educational, but a lot more fun, head over to Amazon and check out: Eating Ooo: Recipes and Art Inspired by Pendleton Ward’s Adventure Time. It’s great. I promise. I wrote it!

Source: foodiggity