We think that Firefighters are awesome… Pretty much one of the closest things that we’ve got to actual super heroes. That’s why when we saw this story, our jaws dropped and we all said: WTF!

A family in Obion County, Tennessee, watched his house burn to the ground because he hadn’t paid the fire department the $75 dollars that people outside the incorporated part of the county have to pay for service.

If it was a normal rule that you had to pay, ya, the guy should have coughed up the cash. When the fire started, he actually called the fire department and offered to pay whatever it took. They told him that it was too late and he was out of luck.

After several hours of watching his house burn, the Fire Department did show up… because the fire had spread to the property of someone who had paid the fee. At that point, they still let his home burn and just focused on the neighbor.

When asked about the situation, the mayor had this to say:

“If homeowners don’t pay, they’re out of luck.”

Seriously? WTF?!? Put out the fire and send the dude a bill. He’d probably would have dressed up in a bikini and been the fire department’s personal maid for a month in thanks… but no… instead he is now the proud owner of a new roadside charcoal stand.