Code Pink is a pretty controversial group. Generally people either love them or hate them. That doesn’t really matter here, the real focus of the story is actually what happened to them. Honestly, I’ve got no idea why they were protesting at the Jefferson Memorial on Memorial Day Weekend. I also have no idea why the protest involved people dancing. Honestly, I don’t care.

I do care about what happened next.

The police informed them that they were not allowed to dance as part of a protest… Wait, didn’t I see something like this in “Footloose?” Where’s Kevin Bacon when you need him? Probably no more than six degrees away… but that’s not really the point.

The punishment for dancing is arrest. The police couldn’t say what law they would be violating, just that they would be arrested if they got a case of happy feet.

What follows is protesters being kind of douchy… as protesters tend to be, but the police respond with a level of disproportionate force that makes you say… WTF!

There’s hand cuffs, knees in backs and choke holds, all at the foot of the memorial for the man that helped define free speech for the United States.

Source: Moe Lane