Check out Fredrik Larsson’s ultimate TV Theme Song Medley! He mixes together a string of popular TV theme songs with fantastic arrangements. It helps that he did a lot of my favorite theme songs, everything from “Married With Children,” “X-Files,” “The Office” to “Firefly.”

While most TV themes in this ultimate medley are pretty well known, there are a few strays. How many do you recognize? Let us know in the comments below. Meanwhile the full lost of all 22 TV themes is included after the video.

0:01 Two and a Half Men
0:22 The Simpsons
0:36 O.C
1:00 Naruto
1:11 Family Guy
1:41 Married with Children
1:57 Cheers
2:16 That 70’s Show
2:41 Big Love
2:58 Freaks and Geeks
3:18 Malcolm in the Middle
3:35 X-Files
3:55 Firefly
4:09 The Office
4:24 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
4:44 Scrubs
4:54 True Blood
5:27 Charles in Charge
5:38 The Big Bang Theory
5:55 How I Met Your Mother
6:05 Mission Impossible
6:14 Friends