Airbnb has launched a contest with one of the coolest prizes that we’ve ever seen. They’ve created a bedroom in the middle of a giant shark tank in the France’s L’Aquarium de Paris and will be giving away a free stay to one lucky winner. To enter, you’ve just got to send in an essay telling why you’d want to “sleep with the fishes.”

The bedroom is glass-walled and surrounded on all sides by 35 hungry sharks. It’s situated 33 feet below the water’s surface and “makes the perfect observation spot for shark lovers.”

Winners will get more than just a night to remember. They are also in for one heck of a show from shark conservationist and world renowned free-diver Fred Buyle, who promises to ‘dance’ with the sharks around the underwater bedroom. they’ll also get a A guided behind-the-scenes tour of the aquarium is also part of the prize.

Source: Inhabitat