With designs based off everything from Popeye’s girlfriend Olive Oyl to blowjobs, Kobi Levi’s shoes gives Lady Gaga’s Dildo Heels a run for their money. A little NSFW For shoes that look like naughty bits.

Kobi Levi is an Israeli shoe designer with a knack for creating footwear from the strangest possible concepts. We aren’t talking about the 1970’s platform shoes with goldfish in them or anything like that. These are wearable sculptures that get displayed in some of the finest art galleries of the world. Every pair of shoes is hand made by Levi in his workshop. Check out some of these creations:

If there was one kind of shoe I can’t imagine ever walking in… it’s one shaped like a banana peel!

Imagine If Olive Oyl was walking around in Olive Oyl Shoes?! Popeye’s pipe would explode.

Is that? No… OMG, it is. Well, I’ve heard of F Me Pumps before, but that’s a little bit ridiculous!

Those look like they would be hell to wear… but fun to play on.

These shoes are called “Blow”… I wonder why…

Visit Kobi Levi’s blog HERE