Gallery 1988 is known all over the world for some of the greatest and geekiest art shows. Last week they held their Bad Robot art show and it was chock full of paintings and sculptures from Alias, Lost, Super 8, Cloverfield, Star Trek, and a little bit of Fringe.

Check out some of the artwork below and the artist credits below that.

Andrew Wilson – She Can Take It
Matt Ferguson – Looks Like A Lightning Storm
David M Smith – Derailed
Jason Edmiston – Alias
Bruce Yan – Mr. Spock
100% Soft – You All Everybody
Aaron Jasinski – Torment Of The Banished
Adam Limbert – Boldly Go
Amanda Scurti – Enterprise Crew- Kirk
Amanda Scurti – Enterprise Crew- Spock
Amanda Scurti – Enterprise Crew- Uhura
Andrew DeGraff – Path Of The Trek
Andrew Heath – Super 8
Anonymous Ink & Idea – Lonely Robot
Anthony Petrie – Namaste
Audrey Pongracz – 101110101101
Brad Hill – Documenting
Casey Weldon – Highly Illogical
David Eichenberger – 2spoc (Is There A Ghetto In Space)
Doug LaRocca – Stardate 2259
Eelus – Liberty Falls
Glen Brogan – Super 8
Graham Pilling – Enterprise Down
Ian Glaubinger – Launch Into Your Future
Jason Liwag – Punch It
Jeff Boyes – Windmark
Joey Spiotto – Make Your Own Kind Of Music Print
Joshua Budich – The Candidates
Matt Chase – Join Dharma
Mike Mitchell – Sea of Tears
Noelle Stevenson – I Feel Good
Roland LeFox Nicol – The Island

Source: jpegy