Who knew that you could actually find love while playing Halo? These two did. There is barely a word spoken in this video, but it is still going to melt your insides like a grilled cheese sandwich getting a hug from a Care Bear.

These two crazy kids knew each other online for five years. They met while playing Halo 3 and their love blossomed into this, five years later, they meet for the first time at an airport. They are now engaged.

So, I guess the big advice for people seeking love here is… get an X Box Live Subscription!

Official video description:
After meeting for the first time on a Halo 3 game lobby 5 years ago, we built a relationship as best friends for 3 years through video games, myspace to facebook, then finally skype. Once we talked “face to face” we hit it off as a couple from then on. Now we finally got to meet in person for the first time after dating for 2 years…

I live in Texas, he in Tennessee. We’re currently engaged as well.

1st met: March 2012
2nd: June/July 2012
3rd: August 2012