If there’s one thing that we were supposed to have by the year 2020, it was flying cars. Sure, there have been some prototypes, but nothing that was commercially viable. GM may have actually cracked the nut, because they are set to introduce the world to the eVTOL air taxi.

CNET reported that the Cadillac-branded vehicle could be heading our way in just the next five years. the vehicle itself looks more like a quadcopter drone than anything else, but the animations paint a picture of a world where we’ll one day be hopping from meeting to meeting in our own air taxi.

the taxi uses a vertical take-off and landing system that is powered by a 90-kWh battery to deliver speeds of up to 56 mph. There’s currently no news on how far it can travel, or what the costs would be. With that said, the presentation does promise that the next vehicle in the line will be a 2-seater personal craft.