Rory Mcilroy is having a good week. He’s the #1 golfer in the world. He’s dating one of the top tennis players in the world… And he just walked out of the stands and scored on Maria Sharapova.

No, not that kind of scored. His girlfriends, Caroline Wozniacki was playing an exhibition match against Sharapova, just a few hours after Mcilroy won the Honda Classic golf tournament in Florida, moving his ranking in golf to #1. With no chance of winning, and because the match was all just for fun, Wozniacki got her man to come down to the court so that he could play Sharapova.

What happened next is going t go down in sports history. After just a couple of lobs back and forth, Sharapova hit wide and #1 golfer in the world, Rory Mcilroy scored!