Banksy has a new, and very punny competitor when it comes to covering up the walls of the UK with art. His name is JPS and he’s been racking up a lot of beautifully painted and very funny new paintings as of late, and world is starting to take notice. While Banksy’s art tends to send a bit of a message, JPS’s paintings generally just try to have fun.

Along with walls, he’s painted on a whole host of other things, not the least of which was an abandoned sanitarium in Norway that was set for demolition. For that installation, he covered the property with paintings of Hollywood’s biggest horror characters like Freddy, Jason, Pennywise, and even a Xenomorph.

While the Sanitarium is a dark piece of work, most of his stuff is a lot more fun. Sure, you can’t help but groan when you see “This was painted on a dark knight” next to his painting of Batman, but pretty soon you get just as caught up in the puns as you do the art.

Source: Neatorama