The one commercial that everyone fell in love with during the last Super Bowl was Volkswagen’s Kid Vader. Now Greenpeace has adopted the theme to attack the company that created it.

Greenpeace is upset because Volkswagen, the company who has always been known for innovating new technologies to increase gas mileage, doesn’t want to sign up for a broader cut in emissions.

The videos are cute, but don’t really do much to explain or or convince people that their cause is worth supporting. If they really wanted to make some waves, they should be attacking those silly Whale Wars guys for the thousands of gallons of oil they burn each year in their attempt to attack the Japanese whaling fleet.

Let’s also not forget the real horror behind this story. To power the machines that were used to film this video, Greenpeace burned 35 baby seals, three endangered whales, 7 sea turtles and a donkey with three legs.