Robert Saccenti is a Star Wars fan and he wants everyone to know. So when he decided to enter this year’s Guac Bowl he built himself a full size Han Solo in Guaconite! The entire piece was custom build except for the sculpt of Han’s carbonite-frozen face which he purchased. The rest were made from wood, plastic mannequin torso, chicken wire, old clothes and some paper mache.

“I built a 6’8” x 2’8” frame using 2”x8” redwood boards. I made an inside lip out of 2”x4”s, leaving just enough room (3/4”) so that my 6’5”x2’5” MDF board would be flush with the top when I dropped it into the frame, and then trimmed it all out with door casing. I used bondo to seal all my gaps and nail holes.”

Overall, 50 avocados worth of guacamole was used and the guacamole even held for a little bit when the piece was left standing. Check out Robert’s finished master piece in the gallery below.

Source: withoutpapers