Hand-eye coordination fails a young boy as he tried to catch a homerun ball hit by St. Louis Cardinal’s Albert Pujols. Now I may be a jerk for finding this funny, but I full blame it on the colorful commentary supplied by the video’s uploader.

But don’t worry, all ends well. The kid is fine and there’s a happy ending. Pujols had saw the reply and sent the kid an autographed bat.

“I was watching my video and I saw him crying and all that stuff so I felt like that’s not the way you want a kid to remember you, getting hit by the ball,” Pujols said. “So I sent a bat over there. It wasn’t to get attention or anything.

“It’s something you can’t control, you know? It’s pretty sad every time it happens. You don’t want it to happen to anybody but it seems like it always finds a kid. I think if it would have hit an adult, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have hurt as much, but when you hit a little boy like that, that’s an experience that you don’t want the kid to have.”

ESPN cameras caught the kid holding the bat with a big smile on his face later in the game. See, told you.