Rube Goldberg machines are cool. Ruber Goldberg machines that make me breakfast are AWESOME!

Official video description:
Happy eggs has linked up with a team of designers to create a Wallace & Gromit-style device that makes pancakes from eggs laid just minutes before. The cracking contraption takes its cue from a free range hen laying an egg to set in motion a chain reaction that makes the world’s freshest pancake.

The Pancake-omatic took a team of four design engineers more than 200 hours to construct and a further 100 to test. The device which will go on display at the Design Museum later this month, uses a wide selection of household objects including an old-style gramophone and an electric whisk and features a luxury nest throne for the hen to lay her egg in – we think it’s the best invention to eat the most delicious pancakes!

At the happy egg co, we believe that happy hens lay the most tasty eggs, that’s why we provide our hens with loads of space to run, logs and grass to forage, and even thrones when we get a chance! This way, we ensure that they benefit from the highest standard of welfare – the best of the best of free-range!