We’ve seen a lot of really stupid ideas get full funding on Kickstarter. That’s why it is really important to us that you check out this great idea that is just four days and a few dollars short of meeting it’s goal.

The project is from Tara Theoharis, the Geeky Hostess of geekyhostess.com, Geeky Sprinkles are an awesome new line of sprinkles that are shaped like steampunk gears, Harry Potter’s Lightning Bolt and a very familiar police box that belongs to a certain two-hearted Time Lord.

If you are asking yourself, why does the world need geeky sprinkles? Well, here’s what Tara says on her Kickstarter page:

Why not? You spend time creating fun baked goods as gifts, for parties, or for days ending with “y.” Why not decorate them with sprinkles as unique or geeky as you?

This Kickstarter is for the creation of a “Geeky Sprinkles” line and a run of three new sprinkle types. The Kickstarter goal will cover the creation of these new sprinkles including the cost of new die molds and meeting minimum order quantities.

The sprinkles will be manufactured and bottled by highly reputable companies in the United States. These companies work for well-known brands including Betty Crocker, Target, Duff, Disney, and Williams-Sonoma.

Use them to decorate cakes, dress up a sundae, or just eat them straight out of the bottle. No one will judge you.

If you love sprinkles, or just geeky food, please take a couple minutes (and a couple dollars) and help out a creative member of the geek community. There is just four days left in the campaign and they are just abour $2,000 away from reaching their $33,500 goal.

Click here to support Geeky Sprinkles