I feel like pig with a monkey face is something you say if you want to start a bar fight, but not in China. There, it’s a real animal, and it’s owners want to raise it like a baby.

The piglet was born in Zhijin, Guizhou province, China, and it seems to be some sort of trend in mutant pigs coming from the country… something to keep in mind the next time you forget to check the Country of Origin on you bacon. Especially considering that experts believe environmental pollution have played a role in the pig’s looks.

The owners though, don’t think of it as a deformity as much as a blessing. They think the piglet is adorable and bottle feed him like a baby.


As rough as being born with the wrong animals face, at least this monkey didn’t suffer like the one below. He gained famous for a deformity that made it look like he had a dick on his head.


Source: SUn