A high school teacher was removed from McGavock High School after a bizarre incident in a classroom that forced the principal to call parents and explain what happened.

The incident occurred in Donald Wood’s 11th grade algebra class last Friday. Video shot by a student in class showed Wood throwing two tables, a garbage can and a chair after waving his arms and telling students, “If you can be absolutely quiet… if you can shut your mouth… you can shut your mouth and you can listen in absolute silence… do you know why? Cause I have the absolute…”

Wood was also caught on camera shouting, “Do you know who started the fire? Do you know who started the fire in this school? … No… me!”

Woods was eventually handcuffed by the school’s resource officer and removed from the school. Witnesses said Wood shouted profanities at resource officers and students in the hall as he was escorted out.

School officials said Wood suffered from an apparent nervous breakdown. “[He was] very agitated, very scattered and he didn’t make any sense,” said Principal Robbin Wall. Officials said Wood was removed from the school on a stretcher and transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital. Wall said he had never experienced anything like it in his 32 years in education.

Source: Newschannel5