Airlines Stewardess can now do more than serve you peanuts, they can also kick your ass Kung Fu Panda style. Hong Kong Airline are requiring all cabin crew to take Kung Fu lessons just in case they are stuck hundreds of feet in the air and have to deal with a drunk or unruly passenger.

All staffs are invited to learn Wing Chun (used in close-range combat) in their Kung Fu lesson, but it is compulsory for cabin crews.

New recruit crew member, Tang, 22 years old said, “she never imagined kung fu would be part of the job.” She spoke for the team that, “We were surprised in the beginning, but after a few lessons we really liked Wing Chun.”

According to Tang, she felt proud to be the first group of cabin crew in the world to have training in Wing Chun. Not only does her training make her feel more safe and secure, she finds it to be extremely useful in special occasions.

Source: QQ