Matthew Connor who hails from Cheshire, England recently sent these cool superheroic snowmen images to the ComicAlliance webiste. They were built in his back yard for his 5-year old son, which is usually an excuse for how he really made them all for himself.

Here’s what Connor had to say about the snow works of “Invincible” and “Amazing” art:

Inspired by my 5 year old son’s love for the Marvel Alliance characters, I made them for him. We have Spider-Man and Iron Man costumes for him, the Marvel Ultimate Alliance game for Xbox we even have the bath characters, all twelve of them, which we fight with every bath time.

The snowmen were made December 1st and 2nd 2010, in our back garden at home, in some of the lowest temperatures seen in the UK for a long time, but worth every frozen finger. Unfortunately the snow has turned to ice otherwise there might have been a Silver Surfer to send you, that’s the next on the list if we have anymore snow…”

Check out Connor’s snow creations below featuring wall crawling Spider-Man and snow landing Iron Man. Let us know if you can top them. I’m sure these guys that sculpted the 26-foot tall Optimus Prime probably could.

Source: Comicalliance

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