This has been a crappy few weeks. Here in Orlando, we’ve had more than our fair share of badness. Meanwhile, between the massacre of police in Dallas and the police involved shootings that happened over the last couple of days, it can feel like there’s a dark cloud over the country. Thankfully, just as things have gotten their darkest, a ray of light has appeared, and it it is bringing people from all backgrounds, genders, races, religions, and gender identities together.

According a several news reports, the best part of the game for people is that they are getting out and exploring their neighborhoods, which has led many of them to bump into other Pokemon Go players and make new friends. One player commented: “Literally went on a two hour adventure last night. Met people in the real world all playing the game. It was a magical-experience.”

Another user from Reddit, who goes by the name of LostCause said: “I met a bunch of yellow team players, we exchanged numbers and we’re all gonna get together tomorrow to go around a few towns capping gyms and collecting Pokemon. As a very shy, introverted person it’s amazing that this game can bring together people.”

That said, there’s also already been reports of the dark side of Pokemon Go. Over 15,000 people have tweeted that they are playing the game while driving. Some people have called the police for large groups of people participating in a pokebattle in a park, and one YouTuber claims that he was shot at when he got too close to a strangers home while hunting Pokemon late at night.

In Darwin Australia, the police department has had to put out a message on social media announcing that, even though the Darwin PD is a Pokestop, you don’t have to walk into the station to use it.

Source: Polygon