Yesterday, the first trailer for Gamer Girl, the upcoming FMV video game where you steer the life and career of a female streamer, dropped online. While some people are excited about the new game, the majority of the response to the title has been profoundly negative.

In the game, you play the moderator of a fledgling streamer girl’s chatroom. As the story progresses, you help her navigate new chats, harassment, the direction of her career and seemingly the direction of her life. As the story progresses, it seems to veer towards more of a suspense title than anything else. So, what’s the problem?

Female streamers are routinely the subject of severe harassment and threats online, both by trolls and overly attached fans. There is a large group of people online who feel that this new game not only exploits the abuses that streamers have gone through, but also will serve as an inspiration for new trolls and harassers.

FMV Future, the company behind the new game seemed caught off guard by the backlash to their new title, claiming that the game was designed to educate people about the abuses that female streamers are put through. We are guessing that the fact that their trailer thumbnail is a woman in a low-cut top and not a neckbeard cutting a streamer’s picture in half (or something else that is suitably creepy), tells a slightly different story.

Gamer Girl is a chilling FMV thriller game set in the world of online streaming. Adopt the role of moderator for up and coming streamer ‘Abicake99’, who’s back online after the mysterious disappearance of her friend Becky. Featuring multi-branched narrative and real-time chat simulation, your role as moderator is to control the stream, level up mod powers, guide Abi’s choices and uncover the threat she faces by an anonymous stalker who hides in the stream’s chat. Developed by FMV Future with the writer and director of The Bunker. Co-developed and Published by Wales Interactive, who brought you The Complex, Late Shift and Maid of Sker. Coming to Steam, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in September 2020.

Here’s some of the online backlash that the game has received:

Source: Dexerto