If Jay and Silent Bob were robot toys from the 80’s… this is what they would look and sound like. Seriously, these little robot dudes are seemingly equal parts Jay and Silent Bob and Dalek. I know this is just a pilot episode for a potential web series, but I’d love to see more of it. Who doesn’t love toy robots with an over inflated sense of self. Plus, because they are based off the idea of classic toys, think about the possibilities for guest stars. Teddy Ruxpin, Alphie, 2XL!!!

Man, I loved my 2XL. I had the real one… the one that had 8track tapes. I will always remember him as my first toy that ever farted.

Official Video Description:
‘Invade all of the Humans’ is a pilot for the currently imaginary series, ‘Invade all of the Humans’, a comedy featuring two malfunctioning robotic educational toys from the 1980’s. PX-Micron and Calculord 3 are homeless and deranged, and spend their days in the park laughing at humans and planning their invasion of Earth. They also enjoy performing electronic music and dance routines. They run on four AA batteries.

Created by Tom and Mark

Produced by Julia Parfitt and Christine Ponzevera

Music, Voices and Sound by Brains and Hunch

Technical Director: Ben Cowell-Thomas

Animation: Eoin Coughlin, Weles Bussett, Mike Greenwood, Mark Davies, Stuart Doig, Roly Edwards

Modelling/Rigging/Texturing/Lighting/Rendering: Dave Fleet, Darren Price, Ben Cowell-Thomas, Mark Davies, Wayne Kresil

Compositing: Darren Rolmanis, Hugo Guerra, Alex Kirichenko, Micheal Baker, Dennis Petkov

Executive Producers: Chris O’Reilly and Charlotte Bavasso

© 2012 Tom and Mark