File this under wtf because honestly, I have no idea what this is. Moreover, I am way too much “man” to openly admit that this is a cute video with a catchy tune.

After doing some digging, asking around and being told to just “#@%&$% google it” by my mailman, I came up with this:

“For some strange bizarre reason, the song you’re hearing is symbolized by a girl spinning a leak around in her hand continuously…this girl (Hatsune Miku) comes from a program called Vocaloid where the program generates singing for you, and one of her songs was like a ‘cover’ of this song. (Called Levan Polkka) ”

“VOCALOID is a vocal-synthesizing software that enables song writers to generate authentic-sounding singing on their PCs by simply typing in the lyrics and music notes of their compositions.”

Okay, so it may not be some sort of online terrorism like I had initially suspected, but damn if it isn’t still addictive and hypnotic as hell. See some other variations below.

Thanks to Edy, for the tip, who for all I know, could be an urban ninja terrorist in disguise.