In what is possibly one of the coolest new developments, Japanese scientists at Tokyo University have found a way to create touchable holograms. According to the Tokyo scientists, they were able to create holograms with “weight” using two Wii-motes that tracked the users movement and used ultra-sonic waves to simulate pressure on the hand.

The technology is obviously still in alpha stages, but from the video below you can see it in action being tested with simple objects such as raindrops, CG elephant toy and a bouncing ball.

I can’t wait to see this technology develop further. Remember the Dejarik hologram chess set in Star Wars? Maybe one day in the not too distant future it’d become a reality. And because this is being developed in Japan it probably also won’t be long before the touchable hologram tech gets ported to more adult orientated products. *wink*

Check out the video showing us the future below: