While drug smugglers have gotten pretty clever about where to stash the goods when it comes to moving their stuff through air ports, college students are still usually idiots. In the second food related pot bust in under a week in Japan (the other involved cops finding a huge supply in a ramen restaurant), a college student in Hiroshima was busted for trying to sneak pot into the country inside a hot dog bun.

21 year old Risa Yorizane, was returning from a vacation in Europe, and she decided that she wanted to bring a little bit of Amsterdam back with her. While most people would hide their weed in socks or in a tampon bag, she aimed for something a little more conspicuous: a hot dog bun. The saddest thing about this story is that she not only brought home a painfully small amount of weed (.97 grams), but that hot dog bun most assuredly went to waste!

In her defense, Yorizane admitted that the marijuana was hers to the Hiroshima Prefectural Police, but she says she wasn’t smuggling it and must have just forgotten that she’d placed a hot dog bun full of pot in her luggage.

Source: Rocketnews