Apparently it isn’t enough to steal someone’s prosthetic leg anymore. Some thieves in West Roxbury Massachusetts have upped the A-Hole anty and swiped the wheelchair of a disabled dog!

The victim of this crime is the ironically named “Lucky”, a 12-year-old Belgian Shepherd. A few years back, Lucky was hit by a car…. again, his name is Lucky? Anyways, his owner fit him with a dog wheelchair so he could run… er, roll around and play.

Sunday morning, lucky was outside playing when his owner, Jason Feeney realized that the chair was nowhere to be found.

Police are looking into the matter.

On the upside, people have rallied around Lucky. One woman offered to donate another wheelchair, but it was the wrong size and several people have offered to make donations to help defer the cost of getting Lucky a new set of wheels.

Source WBZ