la, la, la, la. la, la, la, la. Kill the jews…. Wait, what?!? Like I didn’t have enough reasons to hate Elmo already? Isn’t it bad enough that he took over Sesame Street like a little red felted thug, now he’s gotta come after the Jews too?!?

OK, so maybe this isn’t the real Elmo. Actually, that is one crap Elmo costume. I’m going to bet it didn’t say Elmo on the package, it probably said something like “Hellmoo the poomet.”

So, why does this Elmo of Central Park hate the Jews? Well, apparently he feels like they are controlling his business and making it hard for him to get a costume.

“I’m not making money because the Jew costume companies are harassing me!”

There’s been plenty of anti-Semitic conspiracies in history, but ‘the Jews control the costume business’ takes the cake. Read more on TheDailyWhat and Gothamist.

One more time people… when you are taking a picture or a video with your phone, hold it like a camera… or else crap like this happens!