The symptoms of Bieber fever can vary widely from person to person, but one thing is for sure… the Bieber pandemic has cast a shadow over society not seen since New Kids On The Blockitis or possibly even polio.

Most commonly, you will see Bieber Fever effecting its victims in the same way it has effected poor 4 year old Madison here. Upon finding a YouTube video of Justin Bieber kissing a girl, she realizes that she has missed her chance and will never live out her fantasy of tussling her fingers through Justin’s sexy bowl cut.

However, there is a much rarer, much more dangerous symptom that generally effects the parents of children with the fever. This as of yet, unnamed ailment causes otherwise rational and intelligent adults to force their children to relive their personal trauma and pain by filming it and placing it on Youtube for millions to mock and laugh at.

So, here’s to you Madison’s Mom on your top notch parenting.

Madison… if you are out there. We just looked on CNN and as of yesterday, The Biebs’ is single and he’s apparently got no plans of getting tied down.

Source: Epicponyz