Love to drink till you pass out, but hate the affect effects? Never fear, a team of researchers in South Korea have discovered a way to help make the human body metabolize alcohol quicker and therefore, cut down the after effects.

The team has discovered that by adding extra oxygen to drinks, the body will be able to eliminate the alcohol quicker.

Healthy humans were given 240ml and 360ml drinks containing 19.5% alcohol by volume – all with different amounts of oxygen added.

The results, documented in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, showed those who consumed the more highly oxygenated drinks recovered quicker and saw their blood alcohol levels return to normal more speedily.

Researchers In-hwan Baek, Byung-yo Lee and Kwang-il Kwon of Chungnam National University’s College of Pharmacy concluded: “Elevated dissolved oxygen concentrations in alcoholic drinks accelerate the metabolism and elimination of alcohol.

“Thus, enhanced dissolved oxygen concentrations in alcohol may have a role to play in reducing alcohol-related side effects and accidents.”

There is a possible down side however. This process also reduced the amount of time drinkers were actually drunk for, which means you’d probably have to drink twice as much just to stay perpetually wasted throughout the night.