Youtube Group Notliterally is back with another Harry Potter Parody. It seems like they might actually be releasing one for each house inside Hogwarts. The latest song is dedicated to students of Hufflepuff.

A lot of work went into this video. It is filled with dancing, special effects and even a dog. Also, they could not have picked a better song to parody than Lady gaga’s Born This Way. Afterall, Hufflepuff is pretty much the nerd class of Hogwarts. No one wanted to be Hufflepuff.

The series focuses so much on the two lead rival houses that sometimes it feels like there is something wrong with being from Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. But students don’t end up in those houses as a punishment or because they are not good enough. The Sorting Hat tells you what you were destined to be.

Official Video Description:

Directing, Editing & VFX —
Additional Filming by — &
School Uniforms —

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Source: Geeksaresexy