In a hilarious report last week, it was mentioned that the British City Leicester was officially acknowledged as being vulnerable to a zombie invasion. We’re now glad to report that after a staged zombie invasion, Leicester has managed to prove reports wrong by surviving the zombie invasion test.

Zombie enthusiast James Dixon, 26, decided to put the claim to the test by putting out a call on Facebook for a zombie flash mob. An estimated 150 people arrived in the city center on Saturday to take part by donning zombie makeup sponsored by an Miniclips, online gaming company.

The massive crowd then made their way to the city’s clock tower where unaware individuals on their normal routine watched in amusement.

The council offices were saved from invasion, however, as the zombies arrived to find them shut for the weekend…

“It was just an idea for a bit of fun,” he said. “I’d originally planned for me and my friends to dress up as zombies and go to the council’s offices, but, after I posted it on Twitter it got really big.

“The turnout was fantastic and it was a lot of fun.

“It brought people together and I think added something to a Saturday in Leicester city centre.”