Liu Bolin is a Chinese artist who asks the question, “Are human beings animals?” In his quest to answer his own question he came up with the Chameleon project where he purposely blends himself with his artificial surroundings.

“Chameleon has the unique property of changing hues to match the color of the surroundings for self-protection…. This can not only protect itself but also have a better access to food…. In order to survive, good concealment has become the most critical factor.

Human beings are not animals! Because human beings do not know how to protect themselves.

In the recent three thousand years history of human civilization, basically the two items are written clearly: one, human beings develop in the destruction of their environment; two, the development of human is full of bad exploitation for themselves. The cost of the brilliant human civilization is that human beings almostly forget they are still animals, and forget their own instinct.

Human beings seem to have forgotten that they still need to think how to survive. When mankind is enjoying its development outcomes, its own greed becomes its grave digger. In human society, concealment is definitely not so simple just making oneself safe. The concept of mankind is denied.”

Whoa… that’s pretty deep.