We’ve all had enough of these Mac Vs. PC debates, and designer Adam Frederick has come up with the ultimate solution by bringing the long-fought competition to the chessboard arena.

Using SolidWorks, Adam has designed this pretty cool Mac Vs. PC chessboard. From the image, you can make out iPods, Zune, Xbox, notebooks and desktops representing chess pieces, all lined up and geared for battle. Personally, I would love to see some toy company actually setup and make this. It’s a brilliant idea and I’m surprised no one has yet to come up with it until now.

Of course, to make this even more over the top and hyped would have to be if this were actually made and Bill Gates and Steve Jobs decided to battle it out against each other. Sure it won’t be as exciting as a sword fight to the death, but it’d be the next best thing. Seriously, how awesome would that be? It would probably be the first time I’d pay good money to watch a game of chess.

Source: walyou