The Macklemore song, Thrift Shop has become super viral, so it only makes sense that there would be a geeky parody of the song popping onto the net. Well here it is and it is pretty great. The song, called Game Shop, comes from Tim and Alfredo and features a bevy of internet celebs including Harley from Epic Meal Time, Lisa Foiles, and Linda Le.

Lyrics –
I’m trynna buy some games
Only got twenty dollars in my wallet
I — I — I’m hunting, looking for a trade in
This is freakin’ awesome

Hop up on the couch like, “What up, I got Black Ops!”
A couple months late, I was waiting for a price drop.
Dude at the Game Shop’s a straight up hater
He’s all like, “Man! You’re a cheap ass gamer.”
Rollin in, hella baller, all up in the mini-mall,
Lara Croft chillin’, plastic instruments on the wall
All the newest games on the demo kiosks next to me
Ya gotta wash your hands before touching the controllers please
But aye, you get to play for free.
Bout to cop it and then pop it in, but why buy new?
I could save a few bucks and get new games used
Wait it doesn’t come with boxart? you gotta be kiddin
Imma save my money wait til this ones’s in the bargain bin
I don’t want your preorder, I don’t want your magazine,
No for real — don’t ask again — Who cares bout the DLC?
“Collectible statues” and a member discount
A costume packs not gonna help me with my kill count
They had a broken Wavebird, I bought a broken Wavebird
I got some other game, cause it had a sick trailer
Oh woah, we’re next to a Taco Bell yo!?
Amazon got nothing on a real store, hell no
I could find some rare games, buy them cheap, sell those
Double XP like “Aw, he got them Dew Codes”

Goldeneye 64
Playstation’s Jet Moto
My Xbox and Halo
From the Game Shop down the road

My first gaming console
Was super Nintendo
And yall already know
It’s from the Game Shop down the road
(RIP Funcoland)